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The Mind/Body Approach: Further Resources
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This handout is not designed to cure you of TMS, but merely to give you background so that you can begin your own journey. The following are sources for your exploration. Remember: when we advocate TMS, we're not suggesting that the pain is "all in your head" (just about the most insulting thing you can say to someone who's miserable). We're saying that the pain and symptoms are most definitely real, but that their cause is in your head.

And the good news is, there is a way out.

Dr. Sarno's recent books:

The Mindbody Prescription (1999): Sarno's most recent book, on the NY Times best-seller list. More Freudian than Healing Back Pain - anti-Freud people might prefer HBT. However, TMP gives a more thorough set of instructions than HBT for curing yourself.

Healing Back Pain: The Mindbody Connection (1991): More in-depth than The Mindbody Prescription, but it doesn't talk about RSIs as specifically. There is enough different between the two books that it is worth reading both of them.

Some useful links:

  • A webpage with an excellent summary and multimedia links to videotaped interviews, etc. It also has a list of doctors in different states who treat TMS: TMS Link
  • The webpage of Dr. Schecter, from which the diagnostic quiz was nabbed. Dr. Schecter also sells copies of his lectures and TMS Workbook from his site.
  • The webpage of Dr. Sopher, another TMS treater and diagnoser:
  • RSI Action group lendables

In April 2000 the RSI Action group held an information session about Sarno and his work. The info session started off with a summary of Sarno's theory, and then followed up with a panel in which five Harvard students spoke about being cured of RSI after reading Sarno's book and applying the concepts therein to their lives. Many people find it helpful to hear about the stories of others. There is also a tape of the session. Many people find it helpful to hear about the stories of others. If you would like a copy of the tape of this session, please email podolsky@post.harvard.edu. You will be asked to mail a blank tape and a self-addressed, stamped return envelope. Be warned that the audio quality of the tape is poor.

Contact us with questions, or just to talk. Although our phone numbers are not all listed here, that is only because they are changing with the changing semesters.

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