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About Harvard RSI Action
RSI Action is a student group providing preventative education about RSI to the general public and to students at Harvard. It also provides advocacy and support for Harvard students with RSI.

Harvard staff should see the section on staff. Our purpose is three-fold:

  • Education of students, to prevent RSI.
  • Advocacy for students with RSI.
  • Support for students with RSI.
Harvard staff
Harvard clerical and technical staff with problems are encouraged to contact the union (HUCTW), at 617-661-8289. The contacts are Donene Williams and Gloria Buffonge. They are willing to talk to non-HUCTW staff members as well, but are unable to work with those staff members in their worksite.

We don't currently have much useful staff specific information. We should note that workers' compensation rules differ significantly from state to state, and so we cannot provide general information about workers' compensation. Also, note that in general, the offices at a company which deal with disabilities work for the company, not for disabled staff members, and are not required to provide information on workers' compensation. It is probably in your best interest to seek information about workers' compensation from a neutral source. It may not be in the company's interest for you to correctly file your claim, and it may be in their interest to emphasize non work-related activities that could have contributed to your injuries.

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